The Unworthy

The blurriness
Of today’s melancholy
Gets to see a last glimpse
Of my bliss
Washed away with the tsunami
Of my own monstrosity
Called unrelenting relief
That sickness has left
The reborn host
And crawls back to the whole
Where it was once found
With ignorance
Of how big the beast was
Without even showing
It’s thorn teeth
And blistered claws
You can still see
The blood of the unknown
Out of the hungering mouth
She kept hidden
For so long
And left me
With a black curtain
around my neck
But I’d take away the virginity
Of their defeat
With a laughter so sharp
Even the guardian would hear
And accept
Cuz the arrogance
They serve
Kills every fucking tear
Of compassion
That once dripped out of that hole
Located on the left chest
Which healed

When the thunder hit
The cursed lighthouse
And the broken
Stopped loving
The unworthy



  1. Thoughts in Life · December 28, 2016

    Well written! 😊😊


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