Shores of laughter

A black day
Goes hand in hand
With the blue night
Of forgotten times
Whispering and crawling
Through the branches
Of contraband emotions
Without a trail of absence
They forgive
What destroyed them
Those have been learning
On their mountain’s statue
About a sun rising in the north
Ramming and blistering away
At the edge of the horizon
When the mists
Of the unforgiving dawn
Strikes a bullet
Through the book
Of the unwritten
And they curse
And they kick
And they scream
And they laugh
And they brace themselves
For the rocks
Destroying the bow
Of their desperate ship
Sailing into a storm
When that sun
Hits it’s sunbeams
On the thunderclouds
And good old Zeus
Gets blinded
He’ll have lost its power
And the black day
And the blue night
Will find a gate
Which will eventually
Donate them peace
To unload their contrabands
On the shores of your laughter

The boat was called

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