Challenger part 3

Build me a woman

With worn leather jackets

And black rolled up trousers

Therefore my nightmares

Become a blessing

A woman who dances away

The unpleasant reality

And curses

When she laughs

As we stare upon the dead shores

All this

So I can relate

To my kind of desire

Of some unrelenting pleasures

Forbidden to pronounce

Inside the glass cage

We both fear

To exit


I sense a sensation

Which is drifting me away

From these daily misfortunes

I see a girl pulling the strings

Attached to my sinking boat

With my body floating in it




The beauty of her armpits

As she flies over the daily firestorm

We all try to understand

But hopelessly fail to

As she waves her hair in our direction

And engages our defences

With the nakedness

Of her oh so admireable neck

And where we loose the fight

Against the thunder

Centering our flaws


Baby allow me to enter your kingdom


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