Runaway girl

Loose words
Being blistered away
The wind

That she blew out
When tasting

The sweetness
Of love
On her devoured lips

It surrounds her
As she’s consuming
Every dark corner
In her room
Trying to live
Through the day
And night
But broken inside
Trying to find
As I took
Her cold fingers
And pulled her
From the abyss
She dug herself
Where she wishes
To stay
And broken
By the power
Of such
A perfect match
But she wasn’t strong enough
And all
The lovingly emotions
In this forsaken world
Couldn’t form
A guide
Inside my mouth
To save her
From being
Just another runaway girl

And so

Her feet


To the hills
Away from it all



Allow me to baptise you

In your very own fire 

Which is

Raging by 

And fighting internally

With some valuable emotions

That you

Are trying to throw down 

The waterfall

In the corner of your room

I must drown you 


If willing to be reborn

Like a phoenix

You’ll forgive me

Some day

So it pops up

Its hellfire redhead

And sings us a song

Like little kids do

As they’re hopping



What happened to sweet little MJ

With her red rose 

Stuck in her hair

Dancing around 

And making me happy

As a copper colored 

Little treasure


Yet so satisfying

Waiting to be


Catching her eyes

The veil 

Inside her mind
The moment

My fingertips

Brush past her cheeks
Like vulnerable glass

Expanding after the kick

She moves herself

Out of the box
Straight into the adrift

Where snow falls in july

And the man falls in love
On the first of december

Stinking boots of war

Stinking boots
They Run

And run

And run
Straight towards hell’s furious gates
Blistering and battering

Singing songs

About the war cryer 
The sound 

Of traveling metal 

Collides with the sound

Of melting woodsplinters
Men crawled down

As the didn’t look back

In anger

Just grief dripped down from their faces

They did know better
It was simply the sickness 

Planted inside their head

That cursed away the loveable 
And brought down 

A reign

Of fire breathing demons

And so men stood back up

Battering on

While their boots

Cracked from the black mud

Surrounding the horizon

Consuming every lifeless fragment
Of war 

A New Sun

A tree collides with the dawn of a new sun

Slowly as we rest

The leaves shout out vivid noises

As if they were soaked with grace

Worshipped by the angels

That ran out of arrows

A laugh came out

But nothing else

Can’t you see?

She said

As the beach crawled back

Into its infinite form of immortallity

We belong to each other

Put the hat down

Call out my name

As I rest on your shoulder

And cry for a touch of your teeth

On my desperate neck

It’s like a bird

Calling out for a female

In need for the journey

That goes on for a million lightyears

We are trapped inside a cage

With no bars

Only emotions

Embrace them

Find the peace between

The thin lines we call desire

Survival of the fittest

We are the fittest

We are the mountains standing between the ocean

Pushing away the water

So our feet can touch each other

Embrace each other

Comfort each other

And devour each other

You are my new love

My ghost haunting beautiful dreams

My teardrop falling back into my eye

My sweet sensation at 2 am

My dinosaur coming back to live

My infinite game of chess

And we laugh

And we cry

And we fight

And we make love on the 9th of july

With a warmth so addicting

No one can escape its admirous laughter

While we take each other again

With a spoon filled full of sweetness

This is my love letter to you

I can’t take it back

Destroy it with your heart

And consume it with your lips

As I stand by and try to relate

Why something so perfect

Can stand right beside me

Without me dying instantly

Of impatience

Of taking you

In my arms

And crushing you

Until there is only a spark left

For us to discover

A new frontier

A new challenge

While driving away into the sun

With only our hands holding each other

And some mellow music

Coming out of the speakers

So that only the road can understand

The life we produce

Comes from within

And nothing else matters

In a life

With the angel

Sitting on the lab

Of a tree

Colliding with the new sun

One moment please

Your eyes are melting away my cheeks

The touch of your hand on my leg

Shoots me towards the rings of saturn

With a blow even nasa can’t produce

But I got you with me

Don’t worry

We are one in space and time

Where everything is just an element

Of happiness

And the stars are our guidelines

Towards the unlimited paradise


Show me the way

All that you are

A new pillar arises

Out of the verses

We wrote in the sand


A beautiful monstrosity

Which was never seen before

By mankind or animal by choice


It gives a certain rush

As it heals the words

We thought we buried


A long time ago