Challenger part 1

Like the bacteria we are,
I am drifting inside a sphere,
Filled with unnecessary sensations.
The way out is covered with blank pages,
Which are hunting for a pencil
To disintegrate the emptiness.

I used to take my steps outside this cursed circle,
But my conscious keeps filling up the spot
It has reserved for me,
As a human being,
Until I fall asleep
And the clown no longer laughs
With the joke of the jester.

Now, the clouds are breaking upon our victory
And we seek out some secret desires,
With a certain pride.
My back is slowly healing
From the fall
I witnessed while climbing our mountain.
My steps no longer hurt,
As I walk alongside our devastated frontier.
Our devastated frontier.

We were the challenger.


The Unworthy

The blurriness
Of today’s melancholy
Gets to see a last glimpse
Of my bliss
Washed away with the tsunami
Of my own monstrosity
Called unrelenting relief
That sickness has left
The reborn host
And crawls back to the whole
Where it was once found
With ignorance
Of how big the beast was
Without even showing
It’s thorn teeth
And blistered claws
You can still see
The blood of the unknown
Out of the hungering mouth
She kept hidden
For so long
And left me
With a black curtain
around my neck
But I’d take away the virginity
Of their defeat
With a laughter so sharp
Even the guardian would hear
And accept
Cuz the arrogance
They serve
Kills every fucking tear
Of compassion
That once dripped out of that hole
Located on the left chest
Which healed

When the thunder hit
The cursed lighthouse
And the broken
Stopped loving
The unworthy

Follow Me

Our tokens no longer guide us
They’ve become the destroyers
Of love
Our bodies were once
So limitless
And free

How you screamed of joy
when I expanded
Inside your perfect presence
And desired
For life’s greatest moment

That dark curly hair
which I loved to pull backwards
It made you scream
And shiver
And long
For much more

Will I ever look
Into your eyes again?


Your eager hands
Took my heart

You embraced it
Loved it
Adored it
Drowned it in your desire
And eventually crushed it
With a relentless grief

Now you took my eyes too
I can constantly see
The path I took
To survive this storm
But your clouds of the past
Are still forming up on me

The barrier
Of my substantial pillar
Which stands for hope
Is broken
I am broken
My body is broken
My heart is broken
Only the contrast between love and pain represents my current mood

I’m floating
I’m vibrating
Somewhere between them

Hoping to find
Your footprints
In the sand
Of the unknown


Life is a personified chaos.
With only one entry point.

We died,
In a place with a one-faced water spitter that ran out of its recourses.
Cause of death,
we’ve let it slip away.

The greeks only had one question after a man died:
“Did he have passion?”

In my opinion this is just all a maze
to bring me back to where it all started,
And eventually fly back

to Never Neverland.

4th Of August

With her dark curly hair,
She steals the wind
Along one side of her neck.

She goes where se goes.
Right across the sea.

Well I envy her perfection.

The way she wears her hat,
Will be my beacon
When our light finally goes out.

I could say
I lost her somewhere
Between the crushing waves,
And the 4th of august
At 3am.