Who I am

My fellow writers and readers,
My name is Ryan Vander Elst. I’m a 20 year old Belgian artist who loves to act, write, listen to and play music, and commit myself to a person in life who gives me an entire mountain full of lovingly emotions.

I first started studying to become an actor in the conservatory 2 times a week for 3 years, but later I started following it on high school for 4 years. Right now, my passion and dream still live on. I act with all my heart and I enjoy every second of it.

As for the writing part, I actually haven’t started writing that long ago. After I broke up with the woman who gave me that mountain, all those emotions and feelings started tumbling down and I needed to immortalize them on a sheet of paper and share it with the outside world.

I hope I can entertain and move you people with my scribbling, and I ask you kindly to give me some feedback if you like. I’m always open for learning and exploring unknown territory, and somewhere I hope one day someone will find me and discover my talents.

Good day to you all.


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